welcome to kj's place
welcome to kj's place @$%^&*0
[^] hi. welcome to kj's place

It's dusty and dirty (think this is bad? you should see my bedroom), but it's home... homepage, that is. I'm glad you could find your way here.

I'm finally getting around to tidying up around here, after a couple of years of leaving things sit. A new domain, a new databased site... maybe I'll actually finish it this time, three years after doing the original design work?

The "keyboard" in the upper-right corner is the menu; each key is a separate page. Right now, most of them don't really work, so if you get an error, it's not your fault. Just hit your browser's back button, and you'll get back to where you were before.

Oh, by the wayif you're easily offended, you might want to leave now. That's just a good general rule of thumb when you're around me.